About Sharon

Sharon EllisonSharon Strand Ellison, the author of Taking the War Out of Our Words,
is a pioneer in the field of eliminating defensiveness. An international communication consultant and award-winning speaker, Sharon is the Founder of the Institute for Powerful Non-Defensive Communication. She has been a Scholar in Residence at Saint John’s University and was a nominee for the Leadership for a Changing World Award, sponsored by the Ford Foundation and the Advocacy Institute. She and her daughter, Ami Atkinson, wrote and produced the audiobook, Taking Power Struggle Out of Parenting, winner of a Benjamin Franklin Award.

The creator of the Powerful Non-Defensive Communication process, Sharon is dedicated to the belief that learning to communicate with non-defensive power is a crucial key to our capacity for solving the majority of problems we face at every level—home, work, and community. She brings her cutting-edge theory together with a remarkable ability for demonstrating practical, realistic, life-changing skills. A gifted storyteller, Sharon offers keynotes as well as workshops and other training programs. Her ability to role-play further enhances her clarity and enlivens her presentations. Sharon inspires audiences by modeling what she teaches with honesty, humor, and integrity.

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