Sharon EllisonMy intention in creating The PNDC Insight Blog is to share and build on insights that inspire us to transform reality in ways that enhance connection, power, compassion, meaning, purpose & joy. The more I understand about the power of non-defensive communication, the more deeply I realize that shifting from a War Model for communication to a non-defensive model alters every aspect of our reality—from how we resolve conflict to how we experience intimacy, from how much we avoid accountability to how much we accept it, from what makes us feel weak or strong, angry or delighted.

Historically, communication, as well as war, has been built on the premise that defensiveness is our best self-protection and power struggle our most viable means of achieving many of our goals. Powerful Non-Defensive Communication brings together a willingness to be open and vulnerable, combined with being more direct and honest. Vulnerability and honesty together create an alchemy that can give us better protection, as well as  greater integrity and power, while enhancing the essential web of connection we have with others and nature.

Since I was a young woman, I have always loved the kind of thoughts that come to me in the morning, in that “place between sleep and wake.” Over time, I became aware that often these insights were a key to a deeper understanding of the power of the non-defensive process. It occurred to me one day that I’d love to share some of my thoughts and hear what inspires you about how non-defensive communication cracks the boundaries of our reality. How does it offers us far greater power to shape our own lives and influence the direction of humanity?

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